Harkive 2016 – The Final Countdown – 4 days to go!








On Tuesday 19th July Harkive will return for its fourth year to once again collect stories online from people about the detail of their music listening experience.

The project asks people to tell the tale of HowWhere and Why they listen to music on a single day each year, with the aim of capturing for posterity a snapshot of the way in which we interact with the sounds and technology of today. Since launching in 2013 the project has gathered over 8,000 stories, and on Tuesday 19th July we’ll be doing it all again. We hope you’ll join us by telling Harkive your story.

We’re now on the final countdown to Harkive 2016, with just 4 days to go. For the past few days we’ve been posting example stories from interesting people involved with popular music – check back through the blog to see these – but for today we’ve got something slightly different for you, from the good people at Key Production.


Key Production is a well-established music & media manufacturer. They have been manufacturing CDs, DVDs, vinyl and print for over 25 years, specialising in bespoke packaging and project management for the music industry. If you’ve bought records, CDs or DVDs by UK artists at some point over the last decade or so, there’s a fair chance it was made by Key Production.

Harkive originally approached Key in order to see if someone at the company would be interested in writing a Harkive story for the blog, much like the ones you’ve been reading here this week. Key thought it would be interesting, however, to see how the company’s employees as a whole enjoy music in and outside of the workplace.

This development was good news for us, as for 2016 we have an additional element to our research process. Alongside gathering stories on Tuesday 19th July, we have also devised a Music Listening Survey. The data gathered by this survey is intended to augment the stories gathered on 19th July and provide additional context for the analysis stages. The survey is now live at http://www.harkive.org/h16-survey and takes around 5-10 minutes to complete. Whether or not you intend to take part in Harkive 2016, we hope that you will take the survey, and also hope, of course, that you will enjoy completing it.

Working with Key has allowed us to road-test the survey. They took elements of it – specifically the sections on General Music Listening, Technology & Formats, and Recommendation & Discovery – and circulated it amongst their staff, which has led to the following infographic that provides a fascinating insight into the listening habits and practices of a group of people who work with music on a daily basis.

By completing the Harkive 2016 Music Listening Survey, we hope you will help us to produce similarly interesting insights into the practices and opinions of the those contributing their stories to Harkive.

There are just 4 days to go until Harkive 2016, and we do hope you’ll join us on Tuesday 19th July by telling us the story of your listening day. You can contribute your story in a number of other ways, such as by Tweeting with the hashtag #harkive across the day, by posting to the Harkive page on Facebook, or by adding stories and images to Tumbr and Instagram – just remember to add the hashtag #harkive to each of your posts. More information on the ways in which you can tell your story are on the How To Contribute page.

If Harkive sounds like something your friends may be interested in, please do help us spread the word by telling them about the project. In the meantime you can keep an eye on the project by following us on Twitter, or by liking our Facebook page. If you have any questions about the project please feel free to email us.

Thank you to all at Key Production for working with us on this element of our research. You can follow their activities on Twitter, where they are @keyproduction, or visit their website to find out how they can help with your physical product needs.

We’ll have another story tomorrow as the countdown to Harkive 2016 continues.

[Download Key Production Harkive Infographic – PDF – 6.8MB]


Methodological notes / statement from Key Production:

29 people within Key Production completed the survey anonymously via Survey Monkey. The data was then analysed with the aid of Survey Monkey reports and Microsoft Excel, then translated into graphs enriched with artworks in order to create the infographic above. Not all the 42 questions were included in the analysis. Upon request, will be happy to provide you with the full questionnaire and statistics.

Moreover, with recorded media being our focus, we can now gladly back up with data that our staff not only works to deliver to clients the best products, but also has a real passion for the physical format. We definitely love what we do!