Harkive 2016 – Thank you!








Harkive day 2016 has now ended. Thank you to everyone who told their music listening stories and to those who so kindly helped to spread the word about the project. As has been the case in previous years, it was a hugely enjoyable day for us, and we hope you enjoyed taking part. We’d like to ask one more thing of you before you go….

The 2016 Music Listening Survey

We’d like invite you to complete the 2016 Music Listening Survey.

It takes around 5-10 minutes to complete, and asks questions about your music listening generally and your participation in Harkive. The data gathered by this survey will be crucial at the analysis stage of the project as it will provide important contextual data for the stories you told. Please do take a look:

SURVEY LINK: http://harkive.org/h16-survey/

What Happens Next? 

The stories gathered yesterday will be collated, the data will be sorted and cleaned, and we’ll then have a better idea of the amount of stories received. We’ll post details of those numbers in the next week or so, but a conservative estimate at this stage is that their would appear to be in the region of 1,000, coming from places such as Australia, India, Japan, the UK, Germany, Spain, Norway, USA and others. Once the data is cleaned and sorted, and the results are gathered from the Listening Survey, the analysis stage will begin. Details of how that is progressing will be posted to the blog and links will be shared on Twitter and other social media channels about that. If you’d like to be involved with the analysis, or collaborate with the project in some other way, please do get in touch.

You can still tell your story

If you didn’t manage to tell your story yet but would like to, remember that you can still email it to us, or use the form on the project site. Have a look at the instructions on the How To Contribute Page for more information. Story entries will be accepted until midnight (GMT) on 28th July 2016.

Without whom..

A huge thanks to Nick Moreton for all of his amazing work on the Harkive API and Data Visualisations. For the example stories that were posted to the blog in the countdown to Harkive 2016, a big thanks also to Rebecca Garnham (CarBoot Vinyl Diaries), John Jervis (WIAIWYA Records),  Johnny Doom (Kerrang! Radio), Andy Inglis (5000 Management), Claire Gevaux (Help Musicians UK), William Doyle (Your Wildernes Revisited), Kath and Giulia and the staff at Key Production, Colm Forde and Vanessa Lobon (Doc ‘n Roll Film Festival), James Cherry (Sentric Music), and Juice Aleem. Thanks to Jamie East and team at Virgin Radio UK for having Harkive on the show and to Sarah Lay and Coral Williamson for the press articles. Thanks to Profs. Gebhardt, Wall and Long for their supervisory guidance, to BCMCR colleagues for support and encouragement, and to M3C for their support of this project. Finally, of course, a big thank you once again, to all the people who told their stories.

and finally

Harkive 2017

Harkive will be back again next year, on another sunny day in July, for what will be our 5th year. Please do join us again. In the meantime, Harkive will be posting stories throughout the year here on the project site and will be releasing new episodes of the Harkive Podcast.   If you’d like to suggest stories for the site, or themes for the podcast, drop us a line or say hello on Twitter. Stay tuned, in other words.