Harkive 2017 – Tuesday 25th July

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We’re pleased to announce that Harkive 2017 will be taking place on Tuesday 25th July.

Since launching in 2013, this annual popular music research project has gathered over 8000 stories. Once again, Harkive will be attempting to mobilise music lovers around the world and we’re inviting you to join in by sharing the story of how, where and why you listen to music on 25th July. By gathering these stories Harkive hopes to capture for posterity a global snapshot of the way in which we interact with the sounds and technology of today. We hope you’ll consider joining in on the day.

You will be able to tell your stories to Harkive on 25th July in a number of ways. You can email the project directly, post to social networking sites such as Twitter using the #harkive hashtag, or on the wall of the Harkive Facebook page, or you can submit audio, photos, or video. A full list of the methods of how you can contribute are listed here.

On Tuesday 25th July the world will be listening. We do hope you’ll get involved and tell us your story.