Harkive 2015 – The Final Countdown – 6 days to go!

On Tuesday 21st July Harkive will once again be collecting stories from music fans around the world. The aim is to capture for posterity a global snapshot of the way in which we interact with the sounds and technology of today.

With just 6 days to go we’re posting some example contributions from interesting people involved with popular music. Today’s example comes from Geoff Dolman, owner of Static Caravan Recordings.


10″ vinyl release by The Memory Band on Static Caravan Records for Record Store Day 2014


Yellow Moon Band 7″ on Static Caravan

Geoff started Static Caravan as a 7″ single label in the late 1990s and is now approaching his 300th release. Static Caravan has released critically-acclaimed records by Tunng, Beth Jeans Houghton, Darren Hayman, The Yellow Moon Band, Laura J Martin, Hannah Peel and The Memory Band. This video, featuring many of the artists released by the label talking about working with Geoff, provides a fine introduction to the Static Caravan universe.

Along with providing us with the fine example shown below, Geoff has also kindly provided a selection of Static Caravan releases on CD and vinyl to the Harkive prize draw. To be in with a chance of winning these goodies, or one of the other 2015 prizes, just tell your story on 21st July. Details of how to do that are to be found on the How To Contribute page.

Here is Geoff’s listening day from June 2015:

06:20 Radio 6: Chris Hawkins. I can remember only that he played The Gin Blossoms and went on about Glastonbury.

07:00 Radio 6: Shaun Keavney. He opened with Dinosaur Jr, but then please spare me, son of Tornados guitarists band, Muse.

07:55 Car: last track ‘At Least Show That You Care’ from the very good SLUG album. The Phoenix Foundation CD ‘Give Up your Dreams’. Did not connect so fast forward to Field Music: CD ‘Music for Drifters’. All hail the genius that is the Brewis brothers.

09:00 desk – Jacco Gardner : Hypnophobia (Full Time Hobby) Media Player (rather tasty joyful psych Barret Hitchcock album)

10:00 CD – David Kauffman and Eric Caboor – Songs from Suicide Bridge

13:00 CD – Some Some Unicorn – The Golden Periphery

14:21 media player – James McMurtry – Complicated Game
Boat To Row – Soundcloud – tracks from debut album (I Found You Here) yet to be released. Porcje Rosołowe – Soundcloud – Demo “Ballet/Semifoul”

16:05 Soundcloud – Wide Skies – Gold Dust (possible new Static Caravan single).

Download ‘ Owen Tomans – No Heart EP

CD – Ned Doheny – Hard Candy/ Prone (doesn’t everyone listen to this once a day?)
Car CD player: Field Music – Music for Drifters

Home 18:15 to 19:50 BBC Radio 6, DAB radio, Steve Lamacq and Marc Riley. To be honest I heard none of this due to family noise and feedback

20:45 Ironing! Vinyl –
Bobby Moore and the Rhythm Aces (side 2 only)
Saun and Star – Look Closer
Cosmic Ground – Deadlock (deep distance 30)
Placebo – Placebo (not the cack indie band)

Then a bit of Gideon Coe as I make packed lunches and bed.

…and that was Geoff’s listening day. We’d love to hear about yours next week.

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