Harkive at London DataBeers – 23rd June 2016

Harkive founder Craig Hamilton will be speaking about the project, data, algorithms and popular music at the next London DataBeers, which takes place at 6.30pm on Thursday 23rd June at City University London (Oliver Thomson Lecture Theatre – Northampton Sq. EC1V 0HB).


This fourth London DataBeers event is free and features short talks from people involved with data-related projects, and follows the successful format of the other Databeers events in MadridTurinBarcelonaMalaga and Euskadi. Here is some information from the organisers’ website about the idea behind these events:

Did you understand something a bit better through the lens of data analysis? Do you use data analysis in your everyday practice? Have you ever built a service on data? Do you have any kind of artistic data driven project? Are you obsessed with data at any level? And finally do you like beer? The boom of big data is only an extensive continuation of a classic field of data analysis, and we want to discuss about this with beers and interested people in London.

For this event the invited data-speakers are:

  • Luis Vareta (DigitasLBI) – A day in the life of a data-science consultant
  • Miriam Redi (Yahoo) – Can machines perceive visual creativity?
  • Albert Barqué-Duran (City University London) – Contemporary Morality: Moral Judgments in Digital Contexts.
  • Craig Hamilton (Birmingham City University) – Can Algorithms Make You Cry?: Popular Music & Data-Driven Experiences
  • Giulio Fagiolini (Fjord) – Policing data, designer at work.

Tickets for the event are free and can be obtained here.

See you there!

Want to collaborate with Harkive?







Whether or not you are attending the event on Thursday, if you are interested in potentially collaborating with Harkive on projects related to visualisation and/or analysis of the data we have collected since 2013 about music listening, please do get in touch via email us say hello on Twitter (@harkive). For those of you attending the DataBeers event, please do seek our Craig before or after his talk.